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B H M C C Membership

2009 Membership Information & Information on racing with the AMCA

New members £15.00.
Renewals £10.00
Subs. £1.00 per week. Racing season only (March thru October). Half of subs goes towards presentation evening ticket.
Social Membership £5.00 (optional subs. 50p - goes towards presentation evening ticket)

Prospective members are asked to attend a couple of club nights prior to joining the club.
This allows you to meet the existing members and vice-versa. It also gives you chance to see what the club is like.

[Club Rules - Click here to view / close]

Interested? Contact us at the link below, or come along to a club night, Tuesdays from 9pm.

The Summerhouse
The Portway
West Midlands
DY6 8HW.
Tel: 01384 294807

AMCA 2009 licence application notes (MX only)

# Remove and keep the 2 loose sheets, watch out for the reply envelope - you will need this later.

# You need to complete Section 1 -Personal Details

# Section 2 should already be filled in by Club

# Section 3 - Tick Grade and class and fill in bike details. Specify whether 2 or 4 stroke.

# Section 4 - For an 'A' licence, tick the start date for your licence (1st Feb), for 'D' licence tick

the £60 box.

# You will need to fill in section 4A - Transponders. (unless you are applying for a 'D' licence and

wish to hire one on the day)

# Skip section 5 and

# Fill in Section 6 - Payment
Example: 'A' licence with 3-5 day delivery:

Licence fee £140 Adult [£93 age 11-15]
Transponder £70
Postage £4

Total £214 [£167 11-15 yrs]

# Complete section 7 - Medical details

# If you are under 18 your parent/guardian should complete section 8 - Parental agreement

# Sign and date the box in section 9, stuff into the pre-paid return envelope and post.

If you did not have a licence in 2008, you will need to enclose a passport size photo.

2009 AMCA Licence costs:

'A' type AMCA Licence - total cost £140.00 including Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurances. Entry Fee £18.00

'A' type youth AMCA Licence (under 16´s) - total cost £93.00 including Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurances. Entry Fees as Adult 'A'

'B' type AMCA Licences have been discontinued. There is a "Discretionary Licence" available for £60.00 but applicants must be over 28 years of age AND must have held an AMCA licence prior to 2000 OR must have a family member with a current A type licence.

The entry fees for the discretionary licence holders are £29. The Personal Accident and Public Liabilty Insurances are included in the entry fee, not the licence fee.

Add £20 to this cost if you were an AMCA licence holder last year and don't renew before 1st March.

The reduced rate for licences issued later in the year, introduced in 2008, is continued - although remember to add your £20 to these prices if you had a licence the previous season.

One day licences:

Solo Rider: £56 (if the rider applies for an AMCA licence within 1 month of riding £15 is returned)
Sidecar & Passenger: £62
Sidecar Passenger only: £22

Previous yearly costs:

AMCA Licence costs. Yearly comparision
  2009 2008 2007
Licence Cost 'A' £140.00 £140.00 £125.50
Licence 'A' Youth £93.00 £93.00 £78.00
Licence 'D' £60 £60 n/a
Entry Fee 'A' £18 £18 (£20 W.Mids) £18.00
Entry Fee 'D' £29 £29 n/a
One Day Licence £56 £56 £56
Transponder £70 n/a n/a
Postage £4 / £8 SAE SAE

Some information on racing with the AMCA.

(I will be adding to this, so if you have any questions, please e-mail me) UPDATED January 2009

LICENCES (see above for costs)

All riders who wish to compete in AMCA Motocross events must be in possession of an AMCA Licence.
A rider who wishes to apply for an AMCA Competition Licence must be a paid up member of one AMCA affiliated club (e.g. BHMCC) that organises motocross events.

Licence application forms are available from Affillitaed Clubs whose Secretary should sign to confirm the applicant is a member of the Club. No rider can be a member of more than one affiliated Club for the purpose of competing in Modern Motocross events.

All licences expire on January 31st each year, a late renewal fee is charged after 1st March (this only applies if an AMCA licence was held the preceding year).


Minimum age is 11 years old.
Riders aged 11 to 13 to ride in the Inter Junior Class [*65cc minimum to* 85cc maximum (or 150cc 4-stroke)]
* note The AMCA rulebook states 60cc Auto's and 65cc machines will NOT be allowed
Riders aged 11 to 13 may only be upgraded in exceptional circumstances and only then with parental/guardians written agreement
14 and 15 year olds may be included in the Inter Juniors, but will normally ride in the Junior Class,
(some weekends there is an under 18 125cc Junior class and an over 18 125cc Junior class) and will be upgraded using the normal system.
13-16 year olds restricted to MX2 class (maximum 145cc 2-stroke or 250cc 4-stroke)
note: 13-14 year olds on MX2 machines are NOT eligible to ride in the Inter Juniors

Sidecar drivers and passengers minimum age of 14 years.


Inter Juniors. Restricted to 11 to 14 year olds on 85cc (125cc 4-stroke) machines.
(15 year olds may be included in special circumstances)
Limited class - Up to 145cc 2-stroke and 250cc 4-stroke.
Open class - Over 145cc 2-stroke and over 251cc 4-strokes

Depending on the number of riders entered in each capacity class they may be combined forming an Unlimited cc race of Juniors, Seniors and Experts.
Ages 14 upwards. Ages 13 to 16 are limited to a maximum of 150cc (or 250cc 4-stroke).
On race-day there is usually a class for Inter Juniors, Limited class Juniors , Open Class Juniors, Limited class Seniors, Open class Seniors, Limited Experts and Open class Experts.
At some meetings the Limited Junior class is split as under 18 year olds and over 18 year olds, again this will mainly depend on the number of riders that are entered in each class and the decision is usually made by the hosting club.

Still confused about class capacities? Me too. no more 250cc class! but wait, also voted in at the 2008 AGM was this gem:

So there is a 250cc Class!? It's just that the only races will be 125 ( Limited) and Open Or Unlimited where everyone can ride on any cc machine.

So hooray for the 2-stroke championship - Sorry no 125's allowed!

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