B H M C C Race Report - 15th July 2007

Brierley Hill Motocross Club ran the final event at their Menith Wood circuit on Sunday 15th July 2007.

After an unsettled week of weather, the brave decision was made to run the meeting and not allow the unseasonable weather to beat us.

Due to these recent weather conditions it was only possible to partly grade the track, but it was altered and/or widened in the places where it wasn’t possible to grade.

After a sunny day on Saturday luring us into a false sense of sunny optimism, Sunday came along with the rain and then a bit more rain and then Noah appeared with his boat! Even so there were still two full blocks of racing run, giving riders a rare opportunity in this day and age to ride in these conditions, as meetings are usually cancelled in advance if these conditions are expected.

The lap-scorers did a fantastic job using rider knowledge and mud seeking goggles to keep score. However even their powers failed them towards the end of the second block and the decision was made not to run the last block of racing.

Well-earned top 3 finishers were:

Inter Juniors (10-14 year olds) - 1st Andy Phillips (Warley); 2nd Danny Russello
(Teme Valley); 3rd Liam Chiltern (Brierley Hill)
125cc Juniors – 1st Danny White (Stratford); 2nd Liam Boden (Brierley Hill); 3rd Ryan Hartford (Moseley)
Open Juniors – 1st Colin Griffiths (Telford); 2nd Thomas Bayliss (Teme Valley); 3rd Nick Clarke (Teme Valley)
125cc Seniors – 1st Ben Harrison (Rugby); 2nd Matt Alberts (Brierley Hill); 3rd Johnathan Hyde (Brierley Hill)
Open Seniors – 1st Jason Baker (Sedgley); 2nd Adrian Blackford (Sedgley); 3rd Simon Thornes (Brierley Hill)
125cc Experts – 1st Matthew Watson (Kinver Auto); 2nd Ben Davies (Teme Valley); 3rd Grant Vasey (Stratford)
Open Experts – 1st Simon White (Stratford); 2nd Sam Callow (Teme Valley); 3rd Andy Mantle (Brierley Hill)
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Other Brierley Hill riders included: John Hammond (Juniors 14 points), Stefan Chiltern (Juniors 6 points), Kyle Smith (Seniors 4 points) and Josh Thomas (Inters 6 points)

A huge “Well Done!” to all who braved the conditions and made it out onto the track, and also to the club members, family and friends who helped the meeting run.

[Photo: Simon Thornes “skating” to 3rd overall; courtesy of]

This is a sad end to our time at Menith Wood as we have enjoyed the use of this track.

As is all too familiar these days, one neighbour in amongst a village of happy supporters can force the closure of the track for good; it’s a real shame that some people can’t put up with these organised race meetings for just 3 times a year, leaving around 200 riders with nowhere to go and ride for those 3 Sundays.

Simon, BHMCC