B H M C C Race Report - 24th June 2007

Brierley Hill hosted their penultimate motocross at Menith Wood on Sunday 24th June.
Heavy midweek rain had worried some club officials, but after a track and paddock inspection on Friday plus the fact it had not seemed to have rained that much in Menith Wood, the event was given the green light.

Those riders that had attended our first meeting will be aware that our first aid team had "broken down" and didn't all arrive forcing the cancellation of the event. The company involved (MedEvent of Yorkshire) apologised and offered to attend this meeting at no extra cost to the club.

Well, we recieved a call from MedEvent on the Thursday prior to the event stating they would not be coming on Sunday! You can imagine the frustration and panic now going on within the club committee. Thanks to some time spent phoning around we came up with MJS Medical Services - army trained as well. They were absolutely spot on including a track survey on the Friday to plan out their positions. They were really quick at responding to any first aid flags and were very professional - I can highly recommend them. Needless to say we booked them up for our next meeting right away. As for Medevent, they have let us down twice and also have been late arriving at other events in the group, I can only warn other clubs against using them.

Anyway back to the event. Overnight rain watered the track for us then cleared off to leave a mainly dry day, apart from 30 minutes during the last block of racing. The sidecars had already completed their races, so had the Open class seniors :-) but the Experts and Open class Juniors had most of the rain leaving the unfortunate Inters to really struggle around the track.

Brierley Hills championship rider, Josh Williams
Other Brierley Hill riders were: Simon Thornes 1 point
Brierley Hills Chairman, Andy Mantle
    Experts - Raced together but were scored as 125cc and Open class
    125cc Experts
  • 1st Overall with 3 race wins #103 Sam Jukes (Sedgley) 45 points!
  • 2nd Overall #196 Nathan Phillips (Sedgley) 34 points.
  • 3rd Overall was #127 James Shand(17) (Kinver Auto) 28 points.
    Open Class Experts
  • 1st Overall #78 Chris Pearson (Walsall) 40 points (2 wins and a 3rd)
  • 2nd Overall #36 Sam Callow (Teme Valley) 33 points (1 win)
  • 3rd Overall #43 Jason Nock (Sedgley) 30 points
  • Brierley Hill´s Josh Williams narrowly missing out with two 2nd places but a no-score in the 2nd race.
Other Brierley Hill riders were: Andy Mantle 12 points, John Downes
Other Brierley Hill riders were: Mark Lees 20 points, William Booton 8 points, John Hammond 4 pointsOther Brierley Hill riders were: Liam Chiltern 8 points, Joshua Hammond, George Hammond, Jack HartshorneOther Brierley Hill riders were: Johnathan Hyde 18 points, Josh Palmer 15 points, Matt Alberts 15 points Other Brierley Hill riders were: Stefan Chiltern 4 points

The meeting ran well, again with no red flags, three full blocks of racing were completed and the meeting finished by 6pm.

The track held up well, there were a few ruts in the more boggy sections at the bottom of the track, but that just added to the excitement. The track is natural terrain and has a mixture of features including boggy sections (with a few ruts!), dry sections, natural whoops, banked corners, off camber sections, uphill jumps, sweeping corners, tight corners, straights and a couple of small tabletops. It would be a shame to miss out as we won't be using this track again, so come along to our last meeting on 13th July and enjoy!

Brierley Hill club wish to thank all it's members for a well run meeting and thanks also to those who came to race or spectate.

Simon, BHMCC ...Images used with permission from