Date: Sunday 14th March 2004.
Venue: Coppice Green, Shropshire

The paddock at Coppice Green was almost full as practice got underway at BHMCC's first meeting of 2004. The track was in first class condition and things looked promising, apart from the weather. The lap scorers were doing a great job even with having to constantly wipe the windows clear. The rain eased as the first block of racing was completed and the sun made a brief appearance during a short interval, but by then the rain had done its damage.

The track was rideable, if very slippy, but it became clear during the 250/750 expert race that it was getting virtually impossible to lap score, even the backs of bibs were getting muddy. With the track taking longer and longer to clear after the end of each race the decision to limit the meeting to two blocks of racing was taken. The last Junior race saw the winner complete just 3 laps before the last lap flag went out. Another factor was the paddock had become waterlogged and we were going to have to tow most people up to the gate. The club is indebted to Martin Hayden and Haydens Hire of Webb St., Coseley, Bilston for supplying the track machine and getting everyone off the field before dark.

Haydens can be contacted on 01902 402341.
Inter Juniors:
Gary Birkwistle (Preston) 27, Daniel Tristram (Kinver) 22, Liam Davies (Hereford) 20
Juniors Gp1:
Daniel Hope (Cheadle) 30, Philip Holmes (North Shrops) 18, Stephen Coles (Teme Valley), 18
Juniors Gp2:
Joshua Bryceland, (CHMX) 30, Adrian Jones, (CHMX) 22, Jason Hayward, (CHMX) 18
Juniors Gp3:
Iain Bryceland (CHMX) 27, Andrew Broadbridge (Brignorth) 27, Yvon Clouard (Midland Social) 12
125 Seniors:
John Mitchell (Teme Valley) 25, Carl Dutton (North Shrops) 25, Paul Sheen (Druids) 16
250/750 Seniors:
Carl Checketts (Warley) 27, Tim Lench (Teme Valley) 20, Andrew Girling (Moseley) 15
125 Experts:
David Wall (CHMX) 27, Lee Spurr (Cheadle) 16, Simon Williams (Druids) 15
250/750 Experts:
Anthony Kahl (Merthyr) 30, James Shand (Kinver) 18, Arni Sidaway (Warley) 12

Contact details

e-mail Simon at simon@bhmcc.co.uk